Bird Roll Call: February 21, 2018

  • American goldfinch
  • American robin
  • Blue jay
  • Dark-eyed junco
  • Downy woodpecker
  • European starling
  • Gull sp. (overhead)
  • House finch
  • House sparrow
  • Mourning dove
  • Northern cardinal
  • Northern flicker
  • Red-bellied woodpecker
  • White-throated sparrow

Everything was covered in ice this morning. Feathers were stuck to the utility lines, trees, and feeders. The birds froze to these surfaces yesterday evening. The feathers were torn from their bodies when they flew away.

The pair of bluebirds who’ve been visiting the yard came to the birdbath twice in the morning. They stop by on days like this when water is scarce elsewhere. Several gulls flew over. One was substantially larger than the others. I believe it was a herring gull traveling with a number of ring-billed gulls.

Location — in my backyard.