Bird Roll Call: March 30, 2018

  • American goldfinch1
  • American robin1,2
  • Black-capped chickadee1
  • Blue jay1,2
  • Canada goose3
  • Carolina wren2
  • Common grackle1
  • Cooper’s hawk1
  • Dark-eyed junco1
  • Downy woodpecker1,2
  • Eastern phoebe2
  • European starling1
  • Great blue heron2
  • House finch1
  • House sparrow1
  • Killdeer (heard)3
  • Mourning dove1
  • Northern cardinal1
  • Northern flicker (heard)2
  • Pine siskin1
  • Red-bellied woodpecker1,2
  • Song sparrow2
  • White-breasted nuthatch2
  • White-throated sparrow1,2
  • Wood duck3

While walking with a friend in Corporate Woods, we came upon an American robin hanging, dead, from a tree. The bird was tangled in fishing line, a known hazard to wildlife. It was terrible to see the bird hanging there like that by one leg. What terror it must have felt at not being able to get free. I am so ashamed of the things humans do that harm animals, and I feel such heartache for the animals who suffer needlessly. I’m going to go back to cut the bird down and remove the large tangle of line that’s still in the tree posing a risk to other birds.

Of note, I also saw a white-tailed deer and a red-eared slider on this outing.

Locations — in my backyard, at Corporate Woods, and while driving across town.

1. Seen at home
2. Seen at Corporate Woods
3. Seen at while driving